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Timberland Real Estate Service Areas in Arkansas

Timberland Real Estate offers land sale services all across South Arkansas. This includes Little Rock, Texarkana, Hot Springs, Arkadelphia, Ashdown, Bearden, Crossett, Camden, East Camden, Hope, El Dorado, Junction City, Kingsland, Lake Village, Lewisville, Louann, Magnolia, Malvern, Monticello, Pine Bluff, Prescott, Rison, Smackover,Warren, and all areas in between. 

A Land Investment Guide to South Arkansas 

Are you looking for great property and land investment opportunities in the southern United States?  If so, there's one market that you won't hear about too much because the locals are keeping it a secret.  South Arkansas encompasses one of the most unique and diverse land types in the continental United States, making it ripe for investors large and small.  Here's a little more information about the land investment opportunities available to you in South Arkansas right now. 

Timber Industry 

From the time of the Civil War, the rolling hills of South Arkansas have made for a perfect environment for the timber industry, yellow pine in particular.  Pines grow more quickly in South Arkansas than in many parts of the country thanks to the sandy soils, abundant moisture and warm climates.  There are also hardwoods growing in the swampy river bottoms and creek bottoms, but the bulk of the timber industry in South Arkansas concentrates on loblolly pines. 

As recently as 1998, 1/6th of all the manufacturing jobs in the state of Arkansas were tied to the production, harvesting and manufacturing of timber industry products.  With a total of 2,500 companies participating in the timber industry, the payroll reached $1.2 billion.  At that time, 58% of all land was privately owned with manufacturing firms holding 25% and the public possessing 17% as national forest land.  Despite a recent deterioration of jobs in the industry from 2008-2011, the forecast for the timber industry in South Arkansas is strong. 

Land Sales

Land sales in South Arkansas are currently experiencing the best buyer's market in decades.  Because of the low point that land prices hit during the recent economic downturn, the prices for land in South Arkansas are as low as they are going to be for the foreseeable future.  That means that if you're seeking to invest in property in South Arkansas, you'd better act fast.  The market for land sales in North Louisiana mirrors the aforementioned Arkansas market. While there is an abundance of land for you to choose from, you won't be able to purchase these parcels at these prices for long.  It goes without saying, but the lower your purchase price for land, the higher your return on investment will be when you monetize or resell it.  


Timberland in South Arkansas is particularly beautiful, providing natural coverage to the wildlife that is indigenous to the state.  This makes for great hunting and productive tree farming.  The timberland in South Arkansas is some of the prime real estate in which to invest thanks to its versatility.  Whether you wish to use the grounds for monetizing the timber, hunting, farming, building or just holding until the assets increase, you'll find that the timberland in South Arkansas is one of the smartest land investments you can make today, especially when managed properly.  This includes not only the buying and selling of the land, but also removing natural undesirable competition on the land to increase its value.  

Farm Land 

Farm land in South Arkansas provides the people of the state with an abundance of food.  The versatile and fertile soil combined with the climate of the south make it ideal to raise horses, poultry, cattle, hay and even bass for fishing.  While livestock farming is more popular in South Arkansas than produce farming, there still is a big market for farm land. Don’t fail to consider the breathtaking views of the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains and stunning ranch houses.  

Recreation Land

There is tons of recreation land in South Arkansas for sale, including timberland for private nature preserves, land for hunting, rivers, lakes and ponds for fishing and endless trails for hiking. It doesn’t matter if you want developed or undeveloped land, South Arkansas has tons of acreage that is perfect for recreational use.  One of the biggest recreational uses for land in South Arkansas is hunting.  Hunting is a lucrative sport in the south in general, but is specifically geared towards those living in South Arkansas because of the natural coverage and atmosphere provided by the forest, combined with the copious wildlife of the area.  

Tourist Destinations

There are many places to visit in South Arkansas. They provide a wealth of culture celebrating the land and people's long history and deep diversity.  Some of the top tourist destinations in South Arkansas include Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources, Delta Rivers Nature Center, El Dorado Downtown Historic District, President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site, Historic Washington State Park and Saracen Landing.  

Invest in South Arkansas Land Today 

With all the reasons for investing in South Arkansas land and other properties, it's a wonder that there is any left at all.  Perhaps it's just because things move a little slower down south, but this hidden treasure is sure to be found soon by investors large and small.


Counties of South Arkansas

Ashley County, Bradley County, Calhoun County, Chicot County, Cleveland County, Columbia County, Desha County, Drew County, Hempstead County, Lafayette County, Little River County, Miller County, Nevada County, Ouachita County, and Union County





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