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Sealed Bid Land Sales in South Arkansas


 Many times a sealed bid sale is the most efficient and expedient method of disposing of your land at a fair price.  An acceptable offer can be secured in one month or less, and the transaction closed in two months or less. In contrast, many times a land sale that is listed with a set offering price can require a year or more to fully market and sell.

 Timberland Real Estate initiates the progression of the sale by executing a timber cruise of your Arkansas property and considering comparable properties in the area. This will serve to quantify the timber volumes and values that are present and also help to establish an accurate price. Through examination of this data, we can jointly evaluate a realistic price to anticipate for your property. The volumes will be published in the prospectus that is delivered to potential buyers. This prospectus also includes aerial photography of your acreage, topographic maps, legal descriptions, conditions of sale, and a bid form. Timberland Real Estate distributes hundreds of these packages to potential buyers,  including private investors, hunters and timber companies.

 Additional exposure for the sale is accomplished through exhaustive internet advertising, an e-mail campaign, direct mail, and publication in various print media. We will also place signs on the property  to further notify adjoining Arkansas owners or nearby neighbors of the coming sealed opening.

Potential buyers are permitted several weeks to scrutinize your land and trees, in order to compose their offers. This process elevates the property transaction to a very competitive level by requiring all interested parties to make their very best offer to purchase. We will administer an official opening of the land sale sealed bids at our office at the conclusion of this time. You are invited, but not required, to be present the day of the opening.  A discussion of the results of all bids received will immediately be initiated with the seller, either in person or by phone. This process provides an excellent avenue for purchasers to buy investment tracts.

You always retain the right to reject all bids if a reasonable and satisfactory price isn’t presented by one of the buyers. Please contact Timberland Real Estate at 870-234-4355 to talk about the specifics of your property.


Timberland Real Estate
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