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Arkansas Hunting Land

If you are a hunter, it might be more prudent from an economic standpoint to purchase the acreage you wish to hunt rather than pay an owner for the rights to hunt on it.  Timberland tracts are great for hunting and the timber grows and increases in volume and value each year.  It is simply a very good investment.  Now is a good time to buy land, whether it is hunting, recreational, investment property or acreage that serves as all three. 

 In the not so distant past, a man could rationalize time spent hunting by figuring the low cost of the meat he made available for his family.  Hunting licenses and ammunition were relatively cheap when compared to the fees and prices of today.  However, big game hunting essentially did not exist due to the paucity of such animals in Arkansas.  But there has been a strong recovery mainly in the deer population of this region.   This is primarily due to efforts by game agencies such as the Game and Fish Commission.  Now there is plentiful big game to hunt and it has become a favorite past time of many.   No longer is hunting simply a means to provide meat, but an enjoyable obsession.  Almost any tract of vacant land is suitable for this cherished past time. 

 Acreage available to hunters has decreased as more and more property is leased by the owners to provide additional income.   Arkansas properties that were once available to any hunter who simply asked permission may now be leased to hunting clubs.  It makes sense to consider buying your own property for hunting and then watch your timber investment grow.  This property is additionally a tangible asset that may be passed to your next generation. There is still plenty of rural acreage available for purchase across the south and prices are still less than in many parts of the country. 

  Many of the hunters who are anxious to pay for the hunting rights are not local people.  Many come to lease these properties from the metropolitan areas or even from out of state.  As the pressure for a good lease increases, the price continues to rise.  Many local residents are left with no choice but to join the crowds on public or state lands.  There is a supply and demand issue regarding timberland, rural properties, farm or recreational acreage for hunting.  The supply of good hunting land in the South seems insufficient to meet the demands of the many hunters who want to harvest a trophy deer or just spend quality time in the great outdoors.  

Whenever  a  property  suitable for your needs comes along,  don’t  hesitate to  pull  the trigger. It can be a painless process with no regrets, and it comes with generations of enjoyment. 




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